What is the difference between my Robo-Blocker message and my Unavailable message?

Answer: Your “Robo-Blocker” message is the message that is played to all callers unless they are on your white list.

You can update this at any time by uploading a .wav file on the Customer Portal under “My Numbers”.

Your Unavailable message is essentially your Voicemail message. If you do not pick-up the phone and the call times out, the caller will hear this message, and then have the ability to leave you a voicemail.

You can update the unavailable message by dialing your number from any external phone and pressing *8 once you hear your Robo-Blocker message start to play. Enter in your voicemail pin and then press 0, then press 1 and follow the voice prompt.

If you have a phone connected to a Cisco PAP2T, you can just pickup the phone and dial *97, then press 0, and then press 1 and follow the voice prompt.

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